WalkInBeautyI would have thought you were insane if you would have told me twenty years ago that I would follow God’s path for me to become a healer. I was way too caught up in the drama of corporate America. Back then I had never heard of the words “personal growth” and if I would have, I would most certainly have equated it with financial gain while climbing up the corporate ladder.

Over the years I have found that I am the type that needs to be hit over the head with a two-by-four in order to actually take the time to stop and listen to what God has to say. It has taken MANY two-by-four’s to get me on the right path… My husband’s two traumatic brain injuries, our infertility issues, a high-risk pregnancy, our differently-abled daughter who has endured over 22 major surgeries in her 16 years of life, the loss of our business, etc.

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