What Is Soul Realignment?

Soul Realignment is an intuitive spiritual healing modality. During a Soul Realignment consultation, I intuitively access your Akashic Records to discover your Soul’s origins and history, gifts and purpose. Think of the Akashic Records as a kind of energetic database. Each Soul has its own Record containing all information about the Soul since its origination.

Set Yourself Free From Energetic Blocks

While in your Akashic Records, I look for specific negative influences that may be affecting you at Soul level. Soul-level issues are often the root cause for many negative experiences in our present lifetime. I guide you to release and clear these issues, so that they will no longer affect you. During your consultation, I will explain all of my findings to you. You will of course have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions. To conclude our consultation, I will give you “homework” so that you may continue to solidify your Soul-level healing process.

Most clients experience a dramatic shift in their relationship with themselves first. Clients often report feeling quite different within a week to a month after their session. You will have a greater understanding of yourself as a spiritual being within your human experience. Understanding your Soul’s purpose will offer you the opportunity to create more fulfillment and joy in your life.

With Understanding Comes Peace and Renewed Purpose

Clients find that they can quite easily change behaviors and patterns that have kept them “stuck” for years, sometimes even decades. We resolve the Soul-level root causes that are affecting you energetically. This opens the doors of opportunity to truly create the life you desire for yourself.

How quickly changes manifest themselves often depends on your individual belief system and your conscious participation in the realignment process. It is important to recognize that Soul Realignment is not a “magic bullet” that offers instant solutions to all your problems! This work makes it easier to take action and to move towards your goals. However, making those changes is still your responsibility! Your life will not change overnight without your active participation. Soul Realignment simply removes the energetic obstacles that have been blocking you thus far.  You can use this knowledge to empower yourself to live each day consciously, proactive as the co-creator of your reality vs living reactively to all of life’s traumas and dramas!

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