Change your life forever!

If you are truly ready, willing, and able to make the changes you desire I guarantee to give you 100% of everything I am in order to help you become who you were meant to be… Please note that I only work with people who are allergic to the magic pill or the quick fix! 100% of everything I am includes a love for the truth which lies deep in your Soul.  I promise to not sugar-coat, or “enable” you to continue on the path that brought you here, after all – anyone can do that right?

Exactly how do we do this?

By accessing your Akashic Records during a 60 to 90 minute Soul Realignment Session. Your Akashic Records reveal what makes YOU the unique, individuated expression of the Divine that is your true nature!  With your permission, I spend several hours in your records prior to our Session.

In your Soul Realignment Session you can discover:

  • Your Soul’s true divine purpose for this lifetime
  • What’s blocking you from creating the fulfilling life you deserve
  • The deep-seeded root cause of your perceived blockages & issues
  • How to move beyond limitation and begin manifesting your dreams

These energetic issues can be very illusive. You have been living with them for so long that you may have developed some coping mechanisms or ways of ignoring them. Very often, I find people work so hard on the superficial symptoms of the issue while not realizing and healing the root cause of the issue (I call this the “bandaid approach”). However, these energetic issues are very real, and they can affect various aspects of your life, such as your relationships, business, finances, as well as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When I find energetic issues that are not in your highest good, I delve deeper to find out more details to give you clarity and understanding of how you can shift into new and improved circumstances. Each reading includes energetic clearing as well as practical action steps to create the experience you desire. Please be assured that all applicable clearing work is included in this session and there are no additional costs.

These Akashic Records Readings are driven by YOUR intention for your life. Your Akashic Records and your personal team of Spirit Guides are accessed to receive the information that is most important for you to move forward in your life right now.


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This 60-90 minute live reading will not only help you identify what direction it is that you really want to go but also remove the root causes of blockages and issues that are keeping you from manifesting your dreams.




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