I was a victim and I didn’t even know it!

How many of you feel like you have the perfect life? When it rains you don’t miss a beat… You might love playing in it… Laughing & jumping in the puddles… That used to be me!

How many of you have really struggled in life? When it rains outside your umbrella doesn’t cooperate and you’re left saying what the heck?  Well believe it or not that used to be me too!

I was completely stuck in my very own story.

It began when we decided to start a family. I took for granted the ability to have kids, and entered the extremely unpredictable world of infertility surgery and treatments… It was not an easy road… I was high risk & among other things, had to inject blood thinners into my abdomen twice a day. I was a giant, painful, purple, calloused pin cushion.

I didn’t realize that I was living reactive vs proactive.

Turns out our baby was breech and had to be delivered 3 weeks early by emergency C-section as she had less than a teaspoon of amniotic fluid left… We truly almost lost her.

All the pain and struggle was worth it… I had my beautiful girl! At 3 months old, we learned she had dwarfism, hydrocephalus and needed immediate surgery.

I wasn’t miserable, in fact I was happy amongst all the chaos.

Our daughter was in & out of the hospital and she had ten brain surgeries by the age of 5. Fast forward… She’s been through 22 surgeries for other problems and is amazing.

At the risk of having this all sound unbelievable, (it isn’t), my husband Bret, is a brain injury survivor. It occurred in the army before we met & I remember thinking that he was a little quirky, but fun.

I didn’t listen to subtle hints and then the Universe used a 2×4.

My husband started having one accident on the job after another…. and another.  I literally obsessed on his getting hurt and was deep in a downward spiral of constant worry.

The 2×4 was another brain injury. Bret fell off a 2 story roof while putting up Christmas lights for a client, and his head hit a half wall on the way down…  I felt paralyzed in a state of complete shock.

I suddenly realized I was being given exactly what I wanted!

The one thing that always kept me going was looking out my front door at our mighty saguaro cactus that always & forever represented the epitome of great strength to me.

I always said “if anything happens to that saguaro, it will be the end of me”… A year later my beacon of light, and strength through the storms, tragically fell. Well what now?

If I kept on my current path it would surely be the end of me.

It was at that time I realized the power of words….  And, I looked back on all the times I was asked if we were ever going to move from our house.   I really can’t even begin to remember the number of times I replied “Move?  No way! We’re gonna die in this house!”  We’re gonna die in this house?   What in the world was I thinking?   Time to move!

I made a conscious decision to make, and live in, a new story!

It’s truly a domino effect… Your “story” starts with just one minor problem & before you know it, it’s escalated into a full-blown major catastrophe otherwise known as your life!

It was time to reverse & reset my internal compass for an upward spiral instead of the too familiar downward one. You wouldn’t think it would be such a tough thing to do!

I found that the key for me is through serving others.

You may feel like your life is completely unraveling, like I did… Just trust with every fiber of your being that it is unfolding in the best way possible for your highest good.

I would have never dreamed that I had this magnitude of ability to help others live their best life possible, but I do because of all my struggles, and not in spite of them!

And helping others to live their lives consciously as well.

If I had a magic pill, I wouldn’t change a thing! I love my life and have come full circle into the life the Universe breathed for me.  I never knew such abundance existed!

My passion is to help others who are stuck discover the choices they made that caused their circumstances, and to empower them to now live their richest life possible!

I am now the powerful Creator of my own experience !!!


YOU can be the powerful Creator of your own experience too !!!